Recreational Craft Skipper

On the best ships in the Marina de Valencia

PER characteristics

Jet skis

Boats up to 15 metres

Up to 12 miles

Night and day navigation

PER course online
Study on your own
No timetables or travel
The time you need
We send the kit to your home to prepare you for the exam.
You can do your internship with us
Intensive PER course
Get the PER in person
Classes in our fully equipped classrooms and with direct contact with the students.

What does the PER Course in Valencia include?

- Classroom, virtual or in-home theory and companies

- Compulsory Safety and Navigation training 16 hours

Mandatory Short Range Radio Operator training, 12

- Exclusive APP for taking all the exam tests

- All material included: briefcase, book, pen, tidal yearbook, chart, protractor, compass, eraser and pencil, nautical chart.

- Examination fee management and processing


Official examinations




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    Recreational craft skipper

    Setting sail is a unique experience, especially if you are the person in charge of the boat. This is what a recreational boat skipper does, which is a licence that allows you to steer everything from jet skis to recreational motor boats up to 15 m in length. The PER allows you to sail both day and night, in an area that stretches from the coast in its parallel line up to 12 miles.

    To get this qualification, it is necessary to follow a specialised course where you will learn about very interesting topics. In this course you will become familiar with nautical nomenclature, mooring and anchoring equipment and, of course, safety at sea. But you will also learn everything related to theory, navigation charts, meteorology, regulations, buoyage, legislation, as well as manoeuvring and navigation. And of course, what to do in the event of an emergency at sea.

    PER Valencia

    If you want to take the plunge and steer your own boat, you must have a recreational boat skipper's licence in Valencia. Living close to the sea, it is always desirable to go further and go from being a spectator or crew member to being the skipper of the boat. It is not necessary that you have your own boat, as we also have a nautical charter so that you can rent your pleasure boat in Valencia.

    You could even go further and be able to qualify as a skipper for boats up to 24 m in length and sailing. In this way you could extend your sailing radius, i.e. you could sail from any port in the country to the Balearic Islands. If you are looking for a PER sailing course in Valencia, at Alfa Náutica we have online and classroom courses at the best price. You just have to be over 18 years old. Make your reservation from our website or request information by filling in the contact form to become a PER in Valencia.